8 Best Massage Chair Reviews

Have you ever been to a nail salon that has massage chairs? Then you probably already know the amazing relation as the chair relieves the stress and pain out of your back and body. If you have stress, and who doesn’t these days, then this is a great time to buy a chair to come home to and relax in before dinner. Sitting in a massage chair is better than a masseuse and you don’t have to tip it. There is literally a chair to suit all of your needs, but here are our picks for the eight best massage chairs for 2017. Why not opt for one of these beauties and have an on-site masseuse whenever you want?


1. Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage


The beautiful and functional Shiatsu-style massage chair comes in black, dark brown with built-in heat in the backrest, seat vibrator, remote control with holder, wheels on the back for easy movement, 4 motors, and 2 air pumps. The chair features 4 great auto programs to choose from with one single touch, you can relax and enjoy this great massage, featuring 4 massage functions such as:/ SHIATSU, KNEADING, SPINAL ROLLING, AND VIBRATING. Automatic mode will give you multi- functional massages with different combined massaging methods. Manuel mode lets you take control and adjust the back rollers at any point of your body. You have full control to adjust the types of massage intensity, speed, airbags. A wonderful relaxing and soothing feature is its built-in therapy in the back area of the chair. This smart chair starts with an automatic shoulder and back full scanning program that verifies your body size giving you a tailored massage for your needs.



2. Full Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair


This is one of the best new chairs with built-in heated airbags for a wonderful massage. Currently, the colors available are chocolate brown and charcoal. The chair’s made of high-end faux leather, this chair has a carbon fiber panel for easily moving the chair making it lightweight. The chair has been redesigned & upgraded w/ one hand operation remote controller, gentle yet firm massage rollers with reduced airbag pressure for arm & calf – 4 automatic massage programs – 3 manual specific targeted massages (kneading, tapping, combo) – 3 levels of airbag intensity control – 3 massage speed control. The chair includes a small computer which sits atop of a small stand and the sensors measure and scans your body knowing each body type. It is able to measure the length of your spine to provide the massage where you need it. The least amount of airbags will cover almost all of your body. Most chairs today use many airbags. That is not necessarily a good thing.


3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest


This chair is featured in the category of professional massage chairs, meaning it conforms to the standards and requirements for professional use. The chair features several programs such as a recovery program, extended relax program, and refresh program. This chair features 30+ airbags, heat, and rollers and molds to the shape of your back. The chair has an extensive range of motion which is great for lower back pain and the roller heads allow this to reach the tailbone area not available in most chairs. In addition, 20 airbags provide massage in your lower body. Many chairs have massage rollers that are too harsh on the back, causing pain rather than relieving it.


4. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair



The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is one of the best massage chairs in the market with features that have the ability to locate and isolate pain points for a solution to alleviate stiffness and other ailments, engage with this wonderful chair with its 8 preprogrammed sessions for relief. The Inada® Sogno Dreamwave chair reclines to a zero gravity position for needs and comfort. The chair has a light heating feature to enjoy and sooth. The chair is available in Black, Crème and Dark Brown. After using only one time, you will feel so thrilled with this luxury chair.


5. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair



Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu is among the most popular and relaxing massage recliners of all times. If you’ve been poking around doing some research on massage chairs, zero gravity is a term that may have come up a few times. Zero Gravity is a technology invented by NASA. Imagine an astronaut when they are in that special reclined chair during launch. This position elevates the legs slightly above the heart and it is a technology some massage chairs have incorporated into their design. The chair efficiently works out on your muscles and keeps your body fit and healthy. This amazing product has ten pre-installed massage therapist techniques installed in its system that you can control using its user-friendly interface. For those who think that life beyond work is an impossible feat because of the hectic routine, you need to get the Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage chair and think again. This chair was simply built to provide you quality, quality, and quality


6. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair | Cup Holder | Auxiliary Power Outlet | Full Recline



This chair will delight your senses when using this massage chair. With this chair, it will be suitable for your body and harmonize with the décor of your home and office with two color choices of black or espresso. We love its 3-auto programs that come along with three invigorating auto-massage programs to choose from. These help a lot in relieving bodily and mental stress and focus on all the stress points on your body.


7. Authentic Beauty Health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair



This massage chair is a high-end, first-class quality arm and hand chair that also is used for the total body. The Beauty Health massage chair has some great features which include:

  • Jade heat therapy (infrared) green plastic wand
  • Entire body scan
  • MP3 player
  • Synchronized massage
  • 69 airbags
  • 24 massage categories
  • 6 built-in massage programs


8. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner with Heating Therapy


Wow! This chair is unlike anything you probably have ever seen outside of a high-priced salon or rehabilitation center. Your body sinks into the chair and is surrounded by the headrest, the armrest, and the footrests. This is an FDA-approved medical device. It offers zero-gravity positions, heating, and a yoga function massage. The depth of the chair allows your body to experience zero gravity while decompressing your spine from top to bottom. The chair scans your entire body and inflates airbags as needed to give a custom-designed massage. With customer reviews garnered a rating of 4.6 of five stars. Reviewers found the quality of this chair to be on par with higher-priced models and loved the yoga function, which includes automatic stretching. No other chairs in this price range do what this one does. Customers who have owned other massage chairs in the past assess this as the best. Customer service was also highly rated.



The 8 products above are our highly recommended in 2017. They just differ in some key aspects such as price, brand, features and functionally. You can choose either one based on your budget and needs. You can check them out from the major online retailers where you can read more on their features and specifications as well as real customer reviews to give you a better understanding.


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