Cheapest Massage Chairs of 2017

Are you wanting a cheap massage chair? We all know that feeling of coming out of a massage parlor after a sensational session of relaxation. Now you are thinking of buying a massage chair so you have that same experience at home but are stunned by the expensive price tag that comes along with it. It’s a fact, massage chairs are one of the most expensive health care products you can buy. And chairs like Inada Sogno Dreamwave are not in reach of everyone. I have written this article to bring you my top 5 best massage chairs at an affordable price.


1. Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair


My first choice has got to be one of my all-time favorites, this chair is an ALL-IN-ONE Full-Body Massage Chair. The Kahuna massage chair is a specially designed L-track frame structure massage chair with 4 rollers along with air-cell massage system that effectively massages your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.


Some of its features include

  • L-track, 4 roller massage system
  • Air-cell massage technology covers entire body
  • Space saving technology with 3 zero gravity positions.
  • Dual foot rollers on the feet area
  • Computerized body scan technology
  • 5 Manual Massage Techniques
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Heating Therapy on lower back and legs
  • Adjustable roller speed and air cell massage up to 3 levels

Along with the ergonomic structural design of the chair to provide the best massage, Kahuna is also designed to fit well anywhere in your home. Thanks to the space-saving technology that only require 3 inches from the wall during zero-gravity position transition, now you can align your chair with other furniture and will look great and not take a bunch of space.





2. Authentic Beauty Health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair



My second favorite is the Beauty Health Shiatsu massage chair. This massage chair is a high-end, first-class quality arm and hand chair that also is used for the total body. The Beauty Health massage chair has some great features which include:

  • Jade heat therapy (infrared) green plastic wand
  • Entire body scan
  • MP3 player
  • Synchronized massage
  • 69 airbags
  • 24 massage categories
  • 6 built-in massage programs



3. Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage



The Shiatsu Massage Chair has continued to increase in popularity since it first came out. The beautiful and functional Shiatsu-style massage chair comes in black, dark brown.

Some of the features of this chair include

  • Variable massage times from 5-30 minutes
  • Real humanized massage hands with 3-D intelligent detect
  • 4 auto programs to choose from: shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling, vibrating
  • Built-in heat therapy in the back
  • Remote control
  • Wheels for easy movement

The chair features 4 great auto programs to choose from with one single touch, you can relax and enjoy this great massage, featuring 4 massage functions such as:/ SHIATSU, KNEADING, SPINAL ROLLING, AND VIBRATING. Automatic mode will give you multifunctional massages with different combined massaging methods. Manual mode lets you take control and adjust the back rollers at any point of your body. You have full control to adjust the types of massage intensity, speed, airbags. A wonderful relaxing and soothing feature is its built-in therapy in the back area of the chair. This smart chair starts with an automatic shoulder and back full scanning program that verifies your body size giving you a tailored massage for your needs.



4. Whole-Body 5.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair



The whole-body 5.1 is a magnificent chair which will help you stretch and loosen up your tight muscles. The Human touch has a long history of providing innovative products to help ease the stress and strain of modern life. This chair is known for its zero-gravity position in which the chair reclines the body in such a way that it takes all the weight and pressure off the joints, hips, and back. This not only helps relax the body but also provides a more soothing and effective massage.

With all that said the features of this chair include

  • Base swivels
  • Dual-motors to allow for independent back and leg rest adjustment
  • Targeted muscle abilities for an immersive experience that provides deep healing at a core level
  • “CirQlation” foot-and-calf massage technology to soothe aching, tired feet and legs while improving circulation
  • 3 auto-massage programs that best suits your moment whether it is for back pain, stress relief, or relaxation



5. iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair



The iJoy Active 2.0 has got to be one of the best affordable chairs in the market. The chair is perfectly sized for any room.

Some of the chairs features include tethered remote controller, 3 auto-programs to help you THINK, PERFORM, and RECHARGE, massage roller, customizable massage and 45 degrees recline support. Although this chair doesn’t have as many features as the others it is fantastic for the price. The chair is available in Espresso or Bone. This Chair is definitely one of my favourites if you are looking for a cheap massage chair.


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